Transco Pipeline Conditions

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Posting Date: 05/16/2024 07:31

Park, Loan, ISS and Payback - availability here
Park/Loan/ISS: For more information regarding availability, any shipper interested in receiving daily park and loan specifics over ICE chat, and prior to scheduling, please call: Suzie 713.215.4626 , Kristy 713.215.3625 or Chris 713.215.2566.

Excess WSS Injection - Not Available
Excess GSS Injection -  Not Available
Excess ESS Injection -  Not Available 
Excess GSS Withdrawal - Not Available
Excess WSS Withdrawal - Not Available 
Excess ESS Withdrawal -  Not Available 
WSS/GSS/ESS: For more information, please contact your Transportation Services representative
Pool tolerance - .5%

Transco force balances the pool during the ID 3 cycle

As of 05/17/2024 Transco's EIA Form 912 Reported Storage Balance: 68.04%
Hydrocarbon Content for Pentane and Heavier Components (C5+): not to exceed 0.23 mol% or processed prior to mainline delivery
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